Welcome to The Edutronic! This is the online dimension of the English classes of the London Nautical School, a small boys’ comprehensive school nestled on the South Bank of the Thames in London, United Kingdom. From this launch site, you can connect to a site for every English class, more than 200 student blogs, video showcases and one big comprehensive department website.

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WriteStudent Journals

Following on from our success with this project in 2012, the London Nautical School department of English has expanded its student blogging programme to an increased number of students and classes. Much of these boys’ work is available online and you are encouraged to check out their sites – which in some cases will replace the paper school books – to see exactly what they’re up to.

oddClass Blogs

Many classes now have an associated blog where students, parents and interested parties can access resources, keep up to date with information specifically relevant to that course, see examples of student work and access other online resources. These have become the heart of the Edutronic world and we encourage you to subscribe to the ones that are most relevant to you to keep up to date with the regular updates.

Edutronic, The New Class and Student Blogging SolutionEdutronic TV

The Edutronic video archive: student film, presentations and lesson resources – the result of a magical balance of passion, hard graft and inspiration.


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