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6 Word StoryAre you the next Pulitzer Prize winning Ernest Hemingway?

Whether you’ve been writing since Year 1 or you’re one who’s always fancied picking up a pen, why not challenge yourself this term by being economical with your words.

London Nautical’s English department has thrown down the gauntlet and now want to challenge students in Year 7 through to 9. Are you ready for the 50 word challenge? Sounds like an easy endeavour right?

It’s challenging but not an impossible task. Are you clever enough to squash all the elements of a short story into less than a quarter of a page? 50 measly boxes? Hemingway managed it with only 6 words and averaged the grounding down of 6 pencils a day with his writing.

First Prize: £20 Itunes voucher

Second Prize: £10 Itunes voucher

Third Prize: £5 Itunes voucher

All participants will receive 5 watchmarks.

The competition ends Friday 11th of November at 3.30pm

The winner notified Monday 14th of November.

Use this form to submit your entry:


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