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First Prize

Jonathon Baldajos 7W2S

Walking out through the back door, heading to my space where no body is allowed to enter, my garden looks like a shipyard where I lost the count of so many vessels of different types. Among all of them was my favourite to draw. It was my imaginary one ‘The Pirate Ship’.’

Second prize

Jakob Lopusunski 9W1S

The Streets

I was roaming down the devastated streets. The pale white moon was glistening over my head. Sensing the melancholy of the people that share wastage and others that have no more wastage to share. The streets have never felt so peculiar and now I wonder; is that how they will stay?

Third Prize

Riyadh Azharul

The cave was bleak and the bats swayed mischievously overhead. The luminous eyes shone brightly, their hypnotic trance began to overwhelm the boy. The creature slowly revealed itself by creeping out from the darkness. The boy halted, however his body was shaking frantically, his jaw flew open, his eyes; twitching.


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