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Last Thursday Mr Tom Sherrington, a head teacher from King Edward VI Grammar School, Chelmsford visited one of your Year 9 classes to observe how we work – in particular how we integrate the use of technology into our classroom. Everyone agreed that since the iPads had only arrived that day, we should delay using them (which, let’s face it, means ‘playing with them’ which is all we would ever want to do on day one) so that he could instead see us in action.

Mr Sherrington was so impressed with everyone that he wrote a blog entry about it – and he mentioned a number of us for our roles and contributions to the class. If you’re interested in seeing how he viewed us, then you can read the whole blog here.

One of the things that Mr Sherrington said while he was with us that has stayed with me, is how he has been observing the development of Edutronic and is interested in continuing to do so. I find it very exciting to know that our students’ work has an audience that is much wider than the walls of the London Nautical School. The possibilities are endless!

I’ve also written an entry into my professional journal about Edutronic, which you’re also welcome to read


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