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Key Stage 4

Welcome to the resource centre for LNS Key Stage Four English! Here you will find information about our Key Stage Four programme with links, contributions and other resources.

 KS4 Ethos

Our programme of learning at KS4 is supported by the work pathway through KS3 when students should begin to learn the skills that will enable them to succeed at GCSE level. We believe in developing a programme which enables students to achieve whilst also maintaining an engagement with and a passion for English.

We value the study of English as an opportunity to embrace literature and as a tool to connect with wider moral, philosophical and political ideas/debates. This is reflected in our teaching where students are encouraged to use texts as a springboard to consider the world around them.

We teach in mixed ability groups, which enables students to benefit from a range of different skills and talents. This also helps students to fulfill the criteria of the examination board, which asks students to be able to demonstrate different interpretations of texts and to evaluate the values of different arguments. Our teaching is designed to foster the different talents of individual students and to support their individual learning needs. Students with a natural gift for English are given additional challenges to stretch their learning and are enrolled in a mentoring programme with an English teacher.


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