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Learning Programmes

A Comprehensive list of Edutronic Class blogs

Year 7 English

Mr Harris’ Year 7 Class Sport, Rivalry and Competition

Ms White’s Year 7 Class “Supernatural and Mythical Creatures

Miss Correia-Pinto’s Year 7 Class “Surviving in this Weird and Wacky World

Mr North’s Year 7 Class “Who am I?

Mr Price’s Year 7 Class “Symbols and Code-breaking

Year 8 English

Mr Waugh’s Year 8 Class Future Dystopia

Miss White’s Year 8 Class “Fear of the Unknown

Miss Correia-Pinto’s Year 8 Class “Action and Adventure

Ms Lindsay’s Year 8 Class “What is my journey?

Mr Price’s Year 8 Class “The Unknowable

Year 9 English

Mr Waugh’s Year 9 Class Politics and Corruption

Mr Harris’ Year 9 Class The Mind in Detention

Miss Correia-Pinto’s Year 9 Class “Speak Your Mind

Mr North’s Year 9 Class “Politics and Power

Mr Price’s Year 9 Class “The Rugged Individual

Year 10 English

Mr Waugh’s Year 10 Class Anti-Hero

Mr North’s Year 10 Class “Shooting Elephants and Monkeys with Typewriters

Miss Correia-Pinto’s Year 10 Class “You Learn by Living

Miss White’s Year 10 Class “Love, Hate and Revenge

Mr Curran’s Year 10 Class “The Great Literary Heritage

Year 11 English

Year 12 English

Year 13 English

Mr North’s Year 13 Class “The Whole Picture


Some Learning Programmes We Made Ourselves

The Learning programmes housed on these pages are available for your use and consideration. All we ask is that you retain the links and credit information embedded in each resource document.

Dystopian Openings: Write the opening pages to a dystopian novel, with an emphasis on: Prepositions, Adverbials, Noun Phrases, Relative Clauses and Subordinate Clauses.

Irony, Satire and Semicolons: A work currently in development, this learning programme emphasises advanced non-fiction sentence structuring in the context of satirical writing – Due for completion in October 2013; follow the link to see the work as it progresses


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