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Reading Projects

Sep 21, 2014

Reading Projects for the whole school

This year every student in the London Nautical School department of English and Drama will engage in an extended reading project. Every book read unlocks an achievement point, and at the end of the year the students will all make a presentation arising from their year’s reading.

In Year 7 the students will be reading a wide range of different text types and following their own interests, and as the students progress through the school, the reading projects become more defined and specific. Whether it’s the coupling of Fiction and Non-fiction texts in Year 8, the Theme and Style Investigations in Years 9-11 or the Critical Theory-based investigations at A Level, the year’s reading will provide all students with a balance of choice and guidance as to the appropriate focus for their year’s reading at home.

The department runs a reading club and a reading blog, both of which students of all ages are encouraged to frequent if they would like support with their reading or to build social connections with other enthusiastic readers at all levels of the school.

Below are the outlines of each year’s project. These are issued to the students at the beginning of each year – and they may either use these booklets to keep track of their reading, or – as is our preference with much of their personal work – they can add their reading journal entries to their personal blogs.

Project Outlines:


Year 7: Wide Reading

Year 8: Read for Knowledge

Year 9: Theme Investigation

Year 10-11: Theme, Genre and Style

Recent Entries:

Showcase and Town Meeting 2016

Showcase and Town Meeting 2016

The London Nautical School Departments of English, Music and Drama invite you to our annual Creative Arts Showcase and English Department Town Meeting The Creative Arts Showcase was a all-singing, all-dancing variety show featuring solo and group performances drawn...

Vacancy: Permanent Teacher of English

Vacancy: Permanent Teacher of English

The London Nautical School seeks a Teacher of English (with potential also to teach Drama) to join our dynamic team here on London’s South Bank. Our school has a unique history, operates in a brilliant listed building on the South Bank of the Thames and contains a...

Town Meeting 2015

Town Meeting 2015

The London Nautical School Department of English and Drama You’re invited to this year’s Department of English and Drama Town Meeting. This meeting is part of our mission to open every level of the department to participation from our...


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