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Welcome back to a new year in English at the London Nautical School.

There is a lot to get excited about this year. In direct response to what we learned at the Town Meeting at the end of last year we have created 20 entirely new learning programmes and created a system of student choice for students in Years 7-10 that is unique and revolutionary. In the first week of the year, students at the London Nautical will be offered the chance to express their preferences as to which English programme they want to commit to for the year. There is a lot of information available via The Edutronic, the teachers themselves and the printed course booklets and we encourage you to think carefully about which programme will work best for you this year.

This week the teachers will be presenting the course options to the  students. The deadline for the students to register their preferences is Friday 6 September at 3:00pm, after which time the classes will be allocated ready for a formal beginning to the academic year on Monday 9 September.

The Edutronic continues as a digital hub of the department’s operations, and this year it has been expanded to include course information and homework for all English classes and teachers. We invite and encourage you to contact us at any time as well as to sign up to our Email List so we can keep you up to date.

We have new staff: Welcome to Mr North, who is our new second in charge in the department, to Miss Coreia-Pinto who is new to us as a teacher of English and also to Mr Price who also joins the English teaching team this year. Exponents of the existing team who continue their steadfast guidance of the London Nautical vision are Mr Curran, Mr Jones, Ms Lindsay and Mr Waugh

It’s going to be a big, busy year. Thanks for taking an interest in what we do!

Kind regards,



Christopher Waugh

Head of Department for English

The London Nautical School.


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